Word of the day

via Dictionary.com

kismet \KIZ-met; -mit\, noun:

Destiny; fate.

It’s pure kismet when these two find each other.
— Janet Maslin, “The Mighty’: Talents to Make Buddies — Walking and Wisecracking”, New York Times, October 9, 1998

Winning wasn’t essential, though it seemed kismet that Cone, for a second straight year, came back from injury to pitch in a game that clinched a bit of postseason bliss.
— Claire Smith, “Cone Puts the Yankees’ Minds at Ease”, New York Times, September 21, 1997

Applewhite’s writings are heavy with kismet: he said he was visiting a hospitalized friend when Mrs. Nettles entered the room and their eyes locked in a shared recognition of esoteric secrets.
— Barry Bearak, “Eyes on Glory: Pied Pipers of Heaven’s Gate”, New York Times, April 28, 1997

Kismet comes (via Turkish) from Arabic qismah, “portion, lot.”


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