Successful people are unaccomplished

From Jewish World Review:   Successful people are unaccomplished During the forty years that the Israelites wandered in the desert they carried with them a portable temple referred to as the Tabernacle or the Mishkan. The creative acts that are forbidden on the Sabbath are those acts similar to the skills that went into building or assembling the Mishkan. The Talmud outlines 39 different categories of such creative acts that are forbidden to do on the Sabbath. They represent our ultimate power of creativity that is to build a temple that accommodates the presence of G-d on earth. The Mishkan symbolizes our ability to serve G-d and infuse every moment and every place with the presence of G-d. In other words the greatest accomplishment of a human being is to serve to make manifest G-d’s presence in the here and the now. Read more here.


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