Finding political identity

There is a saying that I have never been able to amply identify the source, and really I don’t care other than to say,  I did not say it.   I have seen where it has been attributed to Churchill, but I cannot confirm it.  Anyway, it goes something like this, ” if you are 20 and not liberal you have no heart and if you are 40 and still liberal you have no brain”.  Well it sounds smart enough, but I say, if you are liberal at any age you have no brain.  Having been, what I thought was liberal once, I had no brain at the time.  It was just me being a reactionary without any thought whatsoever.  Well, you could ask,  are you crazy, don’t you have feelings?  Don’t you feel for the downtrodden?  Shouldn’t we help them, and create a just society and work toward social justice?  Brings to mind an old saying, “if you give someone a fish for a day, you feed him for a day, teach him how to fish, you feed him for a life time.” Attribution Lao Tsu, if you believe the internet and know who he was.  No matter, I didn’t say it.  The broader point is this and I see it,  anecdotaly, (is that a word?)   Dennis Prager quotes this all the time, and I cannot remember right now where it comes from, although I will wake up in the middle of the night and remember, “If you do not believe in anything, you will believe in everything”.  If you do not believe in a higher power, ok G-d, then what is there.  So you run around looking for something to affirm your existence other than the meaninglessness of just exiting.  1 2 3 4 we don’t want your f***ing war.  You look for slogans.  Global warming.  world peace, Coexist with all of the symbols.  9/11 truthing.  Illumaniti. Bilderbergers.  Protocols of the Elders of Zion.  It’s the joosssssssssssssss!! It has to be something.  And you then side with the bad guys.  they must be right.  Muslims who cut peoples heads off are justified because of Colonialism.  It’s the foreign policy.  Question,  why isn’t just because a bad and evil person cut Daniel Pearls’ head off.  By the way, sliced it like your would cut a briscut.  The Berg kid.  Have you seen the video.  I won’t post it.  Brutal.  Imagine taking a knife and sawing it back and forth on someone’s throat while they are alive, breathing and you are holding them down.  Nicholas Berg.  Awful.  But the Muslim Brotherhood should be part of negotiations in the Arab world.  Obama says so.  I didn’t vote for him.


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