Anecdotal stories are not proof of anything.

Everyone has an anecdote they themselves have experienced, or someone they know experienced.  It is not proof of anything.  You might say, well if you hear enough of these, doesn’t it prove something?   Depends on who you hang out with.  Pauline Kael who was movie critic in New York is said to have been to have been puzzled  how Nixon won the election in 1972 since “since no one she knew had voted for him”.  Now whether or not she said that, you can look it up, it goes to to my point.  I remember back sometime in the late 1990’s listening to Peter Boyles one morning, I think, post Super Bowl Sunday, where some statistic was bandied about, about how many women were abused by their husbands on Super Bowl Sunday.  Well Summers debunked the myth.  It was made up.  But it was reported as being true.   Anecdotal stories, became the truth and reported by media.  What is the policital truth, or the truth.  If you rely on the Main Stream Media MSM, you will not get it.  Nor from conspiracy theorists,  nor from stoned conspiracy theorists who cannot answer a question directly.


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