The Big Picture Continued

For those of you Progressives who hate Israel and Jews, yes I know you hate Zionism, I would like you to read this, assuming you can read;

Steve Forbes Interview: Gilder On Tech Innovation

A: Watson. Q: What computer can win a game show?

I defy you to give me one shred of evidence of what Arab Muslim or Muslim culture generally has contributed to this world and your life.  Oh, they they gave the world mathematics.  No they did not, but I will not waste my time providing knowledge you should look up for yourself.  I won’t do all of your homework for you.  The big picture;  Israel has been in the forefront of providing the computer technology you use, the cell phones you use, the medical technology you use; and if  you want Israel to disappear, cogently explain to my why, without your feelings.  Give me facts.   As Daniel Patrick Moynihan once said or at least in some variant, ” Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts”.  Your feelings often interfere with the facts.  Oh,  don’t bother you with the facts.  Do not equate statistics with facts.  Truth is not relative.  There are things that are and things that are not.  Because you believe something is true does not make it so.  This is not to say we do not take some things on faith.  If you did not, you could not or would not believe in G-d.  You cannot however, prove G-d’s existence.  That is belief.  You cannot, however, disbelieve facts.  2 + 2 = 4.  A fact. It doesn’t equate with  what you want it to equal.


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