How do you determine political truth?

The 1st thing I always ask myself, is, does it make sense with what I know.  It isn’t about what I feel.  Feelings will lead you down the road to your own destruction.  For instance,  I know that I cannot spend more than I make.  I can, but not for long.  I guess you can max out the cards and go bankrupt.  The government cannot.  They can max out the cards and then get other people to pay them for maxing out the cards. Taxes come to  mind. I don’t yet own a business, but,  I think, note the word “think” not “feel,  this thinking is pretty sound because the people I know who own businesses, and employ people,  know this to be the truth, if they want to stay in business.  It is immoral to attempt to re-distribute someone’s legally earned wealth.  Period.  End of story.  They get to do with it what they want. They are not subject to your moral interpretation of how the world should be.  Sorry. When you are a millionaire, you can do what you want with YOUR money.  Not mine!!! I do not go to work for you or whatever minions you support.  I go to work for me.  The models on Facebook, which is practically every young girl, want to earn money for themselves, and if they feel they want to help others, then by all means.  It is not Obama’s money,  or the government’s money to play with for their own self aggrandizement.  The Government has certain functions, read the Constitution.  If you don’t  have a copy order one HERE.  Got sidetracked.  Take note of this, the Golden Rule is not, “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you”,  it is “Do not do unto others as you would  not have them do unto you”.  There is a significant distinction.  In the former, you can justify anything by saying, “well if I were poor, I would want others to give to me, so is it ok to take from them”?  In the latter, “If it were me, I wouldn’t want people coming to my door and threatening me in order to get what I have and give it someone else. ” That is essentially what the government does when it attempts to redistribute wealth, which is mostly to garner votes, to keep them and their minions employed.  Of course we have obligations,  Constitutionally defined rights, with some wiggle room, not license.  (That isn’t exactly a legal construction.)  I wouldn’t do it, even though my heart was in the right place to justify the former.  More to come.


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