Bumper stickers

I saw two really interesting bumper stickers today, both at Whole Foods. One was; “I Love America, it’s the Corporations that run America that I hate”. Now who does this idiot think employs people and pays them. I’ll bet those union workers in Detroit that make the cars we buy believe that. “Honey, wow look at my paycheck! I really hate Ford because it’s a corporation that runs the country, but we can go to Vegas!!!” “Oh, now that GM is government motors, I really hate America, it owns a corporation”. Does this numbnut think you get a paycheck, by osmosis? The other was; “Fighting a war to make peace is like screwing to get back your virginity”. Gee, well WWII, I guess we were screwing to get back our virginity. I saw them in the parking lot of Whole Foods! Imagine that. Liberals, what can you say? It must be true if you can put it on a bumper sticker. You know that bumper that spells out coexist with different religious symbols, yep that is a profound one. I’d be proud to drive around with that on the back of my car. It would make me appear so profound. Thinking to myself, “that guy behind me reading my bumper sticker must think I’m a really deep thinker”. (Usually I’m giving them the finger. How unPC of me.) It must be because I’m a liberal. Liberal = deep thinker. It’s all for the children you know.


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