Obama’s Deception

The Obama administration is increasingly becoming more hostile toward Israel.   Carolline Glick, wrting in JewishWorld Review outlines the administrations deception:

Barack Obama vs. International Law

True champions of law should demand the American president end his administration’s contempt for the US’s actual — rather than imaginary — legal obligations.

US President Barack Obama consistently couches his demand that Israel prohibit Jewish people from constructing or expanding our homes and communities in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria in legal-sounding language. Obama has called settlements “illegitimate.” And he has said that Israel “has obligations under the road map,” while referring disparagingly to “settlements that, in past agreements, have been categorized as illegal.”

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Obama’s Middle East envoy George Mitchell have repeatedly uttered similar statements.

By characterizing its demand that Israel prohibit Jews from building homes in Israel’s capital city and its heartland as a legal requirement, the Obama administration portrays Israel as an international outlaw. After all, if building homes for Jews is a crime, and Israel is not prohibiting Jews from building homes, then Israel is at best guilty of enabling a crime to take place, and at worst, it is a criminal state.

The problem with the Obama administration’s characterization of a ban on Jewish building in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria as an Israeli legal obligation is that Israel has never taken upon itself a legal obligation to prohibit such building activities. Israel has never signed an agreement that has characterized any Jewish communities as “illegal.”

Moreover, both former prime minister Ariel Sharon’s chief of staff Dov Weisglass and former president George W. Bush’s deputy national security advisor for the Middle East Elliot Abrams have gone on record stating that Sharon’s much vaunted decision to curtail Jewish building in Judea and Samaria, (never Jerusalem), in line with the road map negotiating framework was based on a series of explicit understandings with the Bush administration that spelled out the scope of Jewish building that Israel would maintain for the duration of the peace process. As Abrams wrote on Thursday in the Wall Street Journal, “Not only were there agreements, but the prime minister of Israel relied on them…”

Whereas upon examination it is clear that the Obama administration is wrong in insinuating that Israel is in breach of its international legal commitments through its refusal to bar Jewish construction in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem, the Obama administration’s own policy towards the Palestinians places it in clear breach of both binding international law and domestic US law.

I guess Obama doesn’t think much of agreements,  or law, unless you agree with him or he makes the law.  Continue reading, Barack Obama vs. International Law

In Obama Abandons U.S. Commitments to Israel Ezra Greenberg provides further explanation of how Obama is abandoning prior agreements made with Israel:

While President Obama continues to insist that Israel live up to her prior commitments, he apparently believes that United States it not similarly bound.  In today’s Wall Street Journal, former National Security Council official Elliott Abrams debunks the Obama administration’s position that Israel and the United States did not reach an agreement over Israeli settlement  expansion. As it turns out, not only was an agreement reached that permitted natural growth (as the current Israeli government contends) but the agreement was paid for with the dislocation of 8,000 Israeli Jews from Gaza and Samaria (the northern West Bank).

The U.S. government . . . asked Mr. Sharon for two more things. First, that he remove some West Bank settlements; we wanted Israel to show that removing them was not impossible. Second, we wanted him to pull out of Gaza totally — including every single settlement and the “Philadelphi Strip” separating Gaza from Egypt, even though holding on to this strip would have prevented the smuggling of weapons to Hamas that was feared and has now come to pass. Mr. Sharon agreed on both counts.

Me-  There’s a lot of reasons that explain why Obama is being such an ass, however, to my mind, he primarily wants to establish the legacy of having said he solved the Israeli-arab conflict.  With the incredible egos of the current crop of White House inhabitants and staff, saying they solved the conflict would be their Holy Grail.  Even at the expense of Israel, who Obama  seems more than willing to throw under the bus, like his grandmother.   Unfortunately, the conflict is not solveable, and never will be,until the arabs give up their dream of Israel’s destruction and decide to make nice, which they never will.  It is contrary to their culture.  He has couched reaching  peace in the Middle East; which means peace with Iran, peace in Iraq …., in solving the Israel-arab conflict.  Only a complete fool would believe such tripe, and Obama is no fool, but if you are seeking to show the world you are it’s grand master, you have to postulate that solving the conflict will bring wider peace to the region.   I don’t for a moment believe that Obama believes that, but it makes him look serious.  Like the Obamamessiah be believes he is.   Continue reading Obama Abandons U.S. Commitments to Israel Make sure you click on the link to the Elliot Abrams column.   Abrams ends his column on this note, “For reasons that remain unclear, the Obama administration has decided to abandon the understandings about settlements reached by the previous administration with the Israeli government. We may be abandoning the deal now, but we cannot rewrite history and make believe it did not exist.”   Rewriting history is the common theme of these times.


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