Obama Attempt to Throw Israel Under Bus Results in Loss of Support for Israel

This piece at Pajamas Media, American Jews Still Refuse to See the Light on Obama is disturbing:

Two recent public opinion surveys released in Israel and the United States demonstrate that the campaign by President Obama and members of his diplomatic team to criticize and isolate Israel over the issue of settlements in the West Bank is having an impact in both countries.

In Israel, a survey sponsored by the Jerusalem Post revealed a stunning result: just [1] 6% of Israeli Jews now regard the U.S. president as pro-Israel. Another 86% regard Obama as either pro-Palestinian (50%) or neutral between the two parties (36%). No American president has ever been viewed in Israel this way, and it has taken but five months for the Israelis to come to understand the new reality in U.S.-Israeli relations — that the special relationship and friendship between the two countries has ended, at least at the level of the U.S. president and his administration.

A second survey conducted by the Israel Project to measure support for Israel or the Palestinians in the United States indicates that the withering criticism of Israel by the new administration has taken a toll on support for Israel in the U.S. In five months, support for Israel [2] has dropped from 57% to 49%

The administration has made three arguments in support of its new tougher approach with Israel:

  1. The Israeli settlements are at the core of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.
  2. The Israel-Palestinian conflict, and in particular, the perception that the U.S. is on Israel’s side, is a primary reason for Muslim hostility to the U.S.
  3. If Israel wants the United States and other nations to increase pressure on Iran to end its nuclear program, it needs to stop settlement growth and be prepared to abandon all settlements in the West Bank (as it did in Gaza) and retreat to the “green line (the pre-Six Day War border).

This last argument fully encapsulates the Saudi “peace plan,” which may be why the president bowed to the Saudi prince when they met. While it may not be good to appear to be pro-Israel, appearing to be pro-Muslim and pro-Saudi is just fine. Continue reading American Jews Still Refuse to See the Light on Obama.

Is Obama shilling for the Saudis?  This piece over at NRO suggests soSovereign Immunity or Cover-Up?

In its friend-of-the-court brief, the Justice Department has argued, almost unimaginably, that the Supreme Court should not review the Second Circuit’s ruling that the victims of 9/11 and their families may not sue the Saudi government or, more importantly, the individual Saudi princes who personally (not as government actors) gave money to Muslim charities they knew would be funding al-Qaeda’s jihad against America….

The question now crying out to be asked: How far will the Obama administration go to prevent private plaintiffs from exposing the quite personal ties between our Saudi “friends” — who love to host U.S. presidents bearing words of praise — and our jihadi enemies fighting to impose the rule of sharia around the world?

Our first Muslim President.   Continue reading  Sovereign Immunity or Cover-Up?


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