Word of the Day

From Dictionary.com

pule \PYOOL, intransitive verb, To whimper; to whine.

The first lady initially flourished as a wronged wife precisely because she endured her humiliation so stoically; she did not whine or pule or treat her pain as license to behave badly.
— Michelle Cottle, “God Almighty”, New Republic, September 6, 1999

But my self-absorbed fretting and puling always come to an abrupt end with some surprise gift.
— Thomas J. McCarthy, “Stay-at-Home Dad”, America, February 26, 2000

Pule is perhaps from French piauler, “to whine, to pule,” ultimately of imitative origin.

It seems that Politicians no longer govern based on what’s good for the country, but, increasingly enact policies based on the puling of the masses who only seek largess from the government.


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