The Trojan Horse Government Take Over of the Healt Care System

I know Obamawankenobie referred to the Trojan Horse in his speech to the AMA in Chicago the other day.  In the speech he referred to the Trojan HorseWhat is a Trojan Horse?

“The public option is not your enemy. It is your friend, I believe,” Obama said, diverging from his prepared remarks. He said it would “keep the insurance companies honest,” and the president dismissed as “illegitimate” the claims of critics that a public insurance option amounts to “a Trojan horse for a single-payer system” run by the government.

The AMA is in the tank.  Here’s a few things to consider:

Three Dirty Little Secrets in the Public Health-Care Plan

The Obama administration insists that the health-care reform plan that has received failing marks already from the Congressional Budget Office must include a public plan for health insurance coverage. Only a public plan can stoke competition with the private market insurers, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius told the Associated Press this week. That must come as a shock to anyone who understands that any private market, including the health-insurance market, provides competition within itself and between its participants. In fact, the entire idea of private markets is to ensure competition, efficiency, and value for consumers.

Critics have accused the administration of including the public plan in ObamaCare as a stalking horse for a single-payer nationalization of the health-care sector in the US. Sebelius and the White House both hotly deny it, but Sebelius’ answer as reported by the AP demonstrates exactly how the stalking horse would drive private insurers out of the business entirely:

Sebelius said that President Barack Obama does not want to drive health insurers out of business, but make them more competitive by offering working families and small businesses the option of a public plan without the high overhead costs of marketing, administration and profits.

Without “the high overhead costs of marketing, administration, and profits”? Does Sebelius really promise that anyone – government or private insurer – can offer plans without any administration costs at all? Who will handle the claims? Who will pay the doctors? I doubt that any high-ranking government official has ever made such a clueless claim about business in any context, let alone the highly-regulated market of health insurance.

First dirty secret of a public plan: Any plan has to involve administration costs, even if it operates on a non-profit basis. The obvious examples here are Medicare, Medicaid, and the Veterans Administration plans. Costs have skyrocketed under both government-run plans while cutting back on the benefits both afford their patients, thanks to miles of red tape handled by legions of bureaucrats. Doctors get paid less and have to spend more to invoice for their services in Medicare and Medicaid, which has more of them refusing to take new patients under either plan. Continue reading here.

Read  The ‘Public Plan’ Would Be the Only Plan:

The Obama administration and the Democratic congressional leadership appear poised to create a “competing” government health insurer as part of its health-care reform. President Obama believes this would provide “a better range of choices, make the health care market more competitive, and keep the insurance companies honest,” as he wrote to Sens. Edward Kennedy and Max Baucus on June 2.

In reality, equal competition between a public plan and private plans would be impossible. The public plan would inexorably crowd out private plans, leading to a single-payer system.

Continue reading here.

And there are so many uninsured.  Here’s Larry Elder  45 Million Americans’ — Who Are Those Guys?

About 45 million Americans lack health care insurance. Or do they? A pro-“universal health care” television host recently cited this widely accepted “fact.” The number is bogus. Here’s the skinny. Start with the math. We have 300 million Americans. Subtract the 45 million — 15 percent of us — with no health insurance. That leaves 255 million Americans, or 85 percent, with it. And the insurance is lousy, right? Not according to a 2006 ABC News/Kaiser Family Foundation/USA Today survey. It found that 89 percent of Americans were satisfied with the quality of their own health care.  Nearly half of the 45 million fall in the category of my 26-year-old nephew. He smokes cigarettes, dates, eats out, goes to movies and, like all young people, lives through his cell phone. With a slight change in priorities, he could afford health insurance, the cost of which at his age and health starts at about $100 a month. Take a look at a Reason Foundation video ( of interviews with a bunch of non-health-insured 20-somethings.

These Gen Xers copped to dropping money on clothes, booze, nightlife, the latest tech gizmos and other things of interest to them. With a change in priorities, these young folks — far more representative of those without insurance than the forlorn husband and wife sitting on a porch swing — could both afford and qualify for health insurance. They simply consider it a low priority.      Millions more can access health care — through SCHIP (State Children’s Health Insurance Program), Medicaid or other government programs. But for whatever reason, 11 million people simply refuse to take advantage of them.    Several million other Americans who want insurance do, indeed, go without it — for a time. Many are, however, between jobs, and most — at some point — will find employment that either offers health insurance or pays enough so that they can buy it. Millions more work at companies that offer health insurance, and for a few dollars out of every paycheck, they could add family members. They choose not to. Continue reading here.

Read Read Read.   Sign the PetitionIf the Dems restructure the Health Care System we are in for a world of hurt.  I fear for our country.


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  1. jdalley Says:

    The government needs to get out of health care.

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