A Shameless Plug

If you read this blog and like it, please pass it on to anyone, everyone, friends. colleagues, countrymen, read my blog.  I don’t want to blog for an audience of me and thee.  What would be the point?  I troll the blogs and the news and my mind, as warped as it is,  to post what I think is interesing and important.  Obviously I’m biased.  I’m not a professional journalist or writer.  Like they are objective.   I need a little readership.  Make some comments.  If you comment I receive an email. For those who know my email, send me interesting items.  I may post them and I’ll give you at hat tip. Get with the program. Be like Howard Beale.  Get mad as hell and resolve to not to take this anymore.  The country needs you.  I need you.  It seems silly.  If you don’t get mad and resolve to keep what you have and keep this great country from ruin, get mad as hell and do something. I know we are all busy with our lives.  Raising children ….. but you have to take some time to make sure what you have doesn’t disappear.  It will, most assuredly if you do nothing.


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