Thoughts from a Reformed Liberal

Robin of Berkeley,  a frequent contributor to American Thinker has been thinking about learning how to fire a gun.  In Why Do Liberals Bleed? she tells us why.

I’ve been thinking about learning how to fire a gun, maybe even buying one.   Now if you are a lifelong conservative, Red State dweller, and NRA member, you might be thinking, “Big yawn.  What’s next?  She’ll be telling us what she had for breakfast?”

So let me try to convey to you the enormousness, the Alice in Wonderland quality of my even posing the question, something I’ve never, ever considered in my life.    No one I know owns a gun.  I’ve never seen a gun (well on a holster of a police officer but I never wanted to get up close and personal with it).   I have given lots of good money over the years for gun control.   Learning to fire a gun seems as ludicrous as deciding to take up brain surgery.

But, I am rethinking absolutely everything.  There is not a single thing that I believed, that I held absolute and holy, that is not up for grabs.   My brain is in a tizzy 24/7 and I don’t know if up is down, or if east is west.

And the thought about a gun just came to me last week when I was listening to talk radio.  A caller related how an armed citizen in the South stopped a take over robbery in a fast food restaurant.   A light went on in my head.    Suddenly I realized that the Red States may be on to something:  the police are strongly supported, the citizens have guns, and, therefore, the gangsters may be a little reluctant to take over the local Burger King.

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I like the “no one I know owns a gun”.  That’s what living the liberal bubble is all about.  If you don’t know anyone who thinks differently from you, you can be surprised that different thinkers exist.  Brings to mind a quote that allegedly was said by Pauline Kael, a liberal movie critic (film critic for the sophisticated liberal elites) for the New Yorker.  Upon hearing that Nixon was elected by a substantial margin in the 1972 election, she was surprised and allegedly remarked, “How could that be, I don’t know a single person who voted for Nixon”.  Yep, that’s the liberal bubble. As for me, I know people have opinions different than mine, it’s just that they are wrong.


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