On Iran and Israel

At the Wall Street Journal online opinion page you will find an editorial entitled Obama’s Iran Abdication. It begins:

The President yesterday denounced the “extent of the fraud” and the “shocking” and “brutal” response of the Iranian regime to public demonstrations in Tehran these past four days.

“These elections are an atrocity,” he said. “If [Mahmoud] Ahmadinejad had made such progress since the last elections, if he won two-thirds of the vote, why such violence?” The statement named the regime as the cause of the outrage in Iran and, without meddling or picking favorites, stood up for Iranian democracy.

The President who spoke those words was France’s Nicolas Sarkozy.

Obama said:

“I have deep concerns about the election,” he said yesterday at the White House, when he finally did find his voice. “When I see violence directed at peaceful protestors, when I see peaceful dissent being suppressed, wherever that takes place, it is of concern to me and it’s of concern to the American people.”

At least Sarkozy has balls. To me, Obama is a metrosexual. So you think he is aware that the Iranians have invited proxies in to quell the protests from the enraged population who think the elections were rigged? Like Hezbollah or Hamas. Do you think he cares? Does he have any concern? At least the Iranians hired professional thugs to beat up their citizens. Wouldn’t want any amateurs doing the dirty work. But, Obama will hammer our most reliable ally and democracy in the Middle East, Israel, and pin his foreign policy on the lie that solving the Israel-Arab conflict will bring peace to the region. Absolute nonsense. David Solway, writing in Frontpagemagazine has an insightful piece entitled Obama the Cat:

There never was a Cat of such deceitfulness and suavity.
He always has an alibi, and one or two to spare.
T.S. Eliot, Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats

We know how cats, when they inadvertently stumble, tumble or meet with some unexpected embarrassment that disrupts their feline grace, tend to save face by stopping and proceeding to groom themselves, appearing to be sublimely indifferent to whatever obstacle has impeded their progress. Poise is everything. Human beings are no different and the gestures we make to dissemble our discomfiture or mortification are generally quite innocuous and often amusing in themselves. The raised hand to summon an oblivious waiter completes its trajectory by smoothing down one’s hair.

It is only when these deflecting maneuvers are raised to another dimension of intent and practiced by those in a position of great power, especially when embroiled in grave or fateful situations, that they cease to be harmless and diverting. President Obama’s recent foreign policy decisions are a case in point, in particular with regard to Israel.

What is it that might plausibly explain Obama’s obsessive focus on the Israeli/

Palestinian nexus to the exclusion of far more serious and potentially catastrophic world events? Does he have some farsighted plan many of us cannot see that will culminate in unanticipated harmonies? Or is he, like Dubya, too easily swayed by the poor advice of his cronies and confidants? Does he suffer from a debilitating absence of political courage? Or is he, perhaps, not quite as intelligent as adoring multitudes give him credit for, arriving at thoroughly misguided conclusions and policies from mere lack of analytical capacity—as, for example, his stated conviction that Palestine and Iran are mutually implicated, in other words, if the Palestinians get what they want at Israel’s expense, then Iran will obligingly shut down its nuclear facilities? Is he, Heaven forfend, an Islamic mole disguised as a Christian? Perhaps swagger and self-regard provide an explanation, as the President may be bent upon proving that he, and he alone, can solve a problem whose solution has stubbornly defeated his precursors’ best efforts? The phenomenon is initially rather baffling.

The President’s stance vis à vis Israel has little to do with America’s national interests or with an accurate reading of political and historical dynamics. It smacks much more of a private agenda on the part of a man who sat for twenty years worth of Sundays in a pew in Pastor Wright’s church, absorbing his anti-Jewish sermons and jeremiads; who counts among his personal acquaintances the director of Columbia University’s Middle East Institute and former PLO operative Rashid Khalidi, as well as many other Islamic and pro-Islamic supporters such as his campaign coordinators Mazen Asbahi and Minha Husaini and consultant Shakir Muhammad; and who has surrounded himself with demonstrably anti-Israeli advisors and colleagues, too numerous to name here.

Continue reading Obama and the Cat.


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