Word of the Day

From Dictionary.com

salutary \SAL-yuh-ter-ee\adjective:1. Producing or contributing to a beneficial effect; beneficial; advantageous.    2. Wholesome; healthful; promoting health.

Surviving a near-death experience has the salutary effect of concentrating the mind.
— Kenneth T. Walsh and Roger Simon, “Bush turns the tide”, U.S. News, February 28, 2000

And they washed it all down with sharp red wines, moderate amounts of which are known to be salutary.
— Rod Usher, “The Fat of the Land”, Time Europe, January 8, 2000

Alexis de Tocqueville famously observed during his sojourn in this country that America was teeming with such associations — charities, choral groups, church study groups, book clubs — and that they had a remarkably salutary effect on society, turning selfish individuals into public-spirited citizens.
— Fareed Zakaria, “Bigger Than the Family, Smaller Than the State”, New York Times, August 13, 1995

Example Sentences:

She started driving a Prius for its salutary effect on the environment.
— Brought to you by the 3rd Generation Prius

Increased government spending and the incredible debt created by the Obamawankenobie administration will not have a very salutary effect on my bank account or my mental health.


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