Barak Hussein Obama

Barak Hussein Obama

Barak Hussein Obama (h/t Atlas Shruggs)

The Israeli’s don’t much care for Barak Hussein, as you can surmise.  Martin Peretz, the Editor in Chief of The New Republic nails Obamawankenobie on the Cairo Speech in Narrative Dissonance:

“I mean, in a way, Obama’s standing above the country, above–above the world, he’s sort of God.” These drug-addicted words come from Evan Thomas, a longtime editor at Newsweek. He uttered them on Chris Matthews’s MSNBC show. Such words would wreak havoc on any person’s ego, even Barack Obama’s. It also would enrage his enemies.

After all, the president has told us that he is a mere student of history, and that he is.

But history these days is no longer a discipline inclined to defend the truthfulness of its claims or the reasonableness of its arguments or the plausibility of its conclusions. More and more, history has become a competition between and among narratives, self-consciously disdainful of what we used to think of as fact. In this intellectual competition, the losers almost always win or, at least, they win the “moral argument.” Not in real history, mind you, but in many a Western professor’s classroom. And, sometimes, in an American president’s mind.

The truth is that Barack Obama has a penchant for these narratives and yet an inclination to rise above them. Two grand but antithetical stories about the same problem, awaiting him and his Olympian skill for the discovery of “common ground”: That is Obama’s favorite script. He regards himself as a kind of unprecedented referee between histories and philosophies. He likes to think that he can see what others cannot see and that, therefore, they must come to him if they wish to live in peace and with meaning. He did this with race in the Philadelphia speech, articulating what blacks see from their end of the periscope and what whites see from theirs. (Until, that is, he had to dump his minister from the campaign truck as a matter of survival. “Common ground” is sometimes not discovered so much as invented, or imposed.) A man of not especially discriminate empathy, he sees himself in the Whitmanesque sense of containing multitudes…

I suppose that President Obama thinks that in Cairo he bridged many narratives. He certainly appeared to try: on the one hand, on the other, us and them, more or less equal in our stories. But real history is the telling and interpretation of actual happenings. It is specific, concrete, particular; it eats analogies and commonalities for breakfast; and it requires what used to be called knowledge–correct facts and warranted interpretations of them. From the standpoint of knowledge, not every assertion has equal weight, even if it is deeply felt.

Peretz hits a home run.  Read the whole thing here.

Richard Chessnoff asks the question,  Why has every major post war refugee problem in the world been settled except for the Palestinian one?”

I’ll ask a further question, why does the United Nations have two organizations to handle refugees. UNRWA (United Nations Welfare Relief Agency)is an agency that was set up exclusively to handle “palestinian” Arab refugees, while UNHCR (United Nations High Commission on Refugees), handles refugees in every other conflict that the into which the UN has involvement. Well the obvious and simple answer is that the Arabs don’t want the refugee problem settled. As long as it continues to be a festering problem, they can continue to blame Israel, keep the hatred for Israel alive, never have to accept Israel as a Jewish State and never have to make peace with Israel.  It also is good propaganda in their ongoing war against Israel., and it gives Jimmy Carter the opportunity to call Israel an Apartheid State.


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