Word of the Day

From Dictionary.com

effulgence \i-FUL-juhn(t)s\, nour:  The state of being bright and radiant; splendor; brilliance.

The purity of his private character gave effulgence to his public virtues.
— “Congressman Henry Lee’s Eulogy for George Washington” , December 4, 1908

The setting sun as usual shed a melancholy effulgence on the ruddy towers of the Alhambra.
— Washington Irving, The Alhambra

Nice gave him a different light from Paris — a high, constant effulgence with little gray in it, flooding broadly across sea, city and hills, producing luminous shadows and clear tonal structures.
— Robert Hughes, “Inventing A Sensory Utopia: The paintings Matisse did in Nice include some of his best”, Time, November 17, 1986

The current state of affairs in th US and the current President make my lose my effulgence.  Lose as in throw up.


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