The Murder of Civil Life

Here’s an interesting piece over at American Thinker:

The putrid comments by David Letterman about Sarah Palin and her daughter, and the dethronement of Carrie Prejean for the vice of honesty, bring home just how savagely civil life has been murdered by the Left.  We no longer have a civil public life.  It has been crushed between pinchers of enraged nihilism and fantasy causes.  “Feminists” or the Ladies Auxiliary of Marxist Enmity (LAME) should be threatening boycotts of the CBS or demanding the de-politicization of beauty contests, but that presumes LAME cares about women:  its disciples care only about venting their private fury towards an empty life.

What has happened to Sarah and Carrie has happened to our whole social fabric.  Decent people relating in normal lives have traditionally been able to share values:  truth, learning, amusement, family, country and faith.    These have been disappearing from our social lives; each strangled and then hauled off for a clandestine burial.

Consider what has happened to truth in modern life.   Barack Obama invents stories about his relatives visiting Auschwitz — words that are whole cloth — and no one much cares.   The descent accelerated when Bill Clinton lied about Monica Lewinsky and almost everything else, and has continued unabated.  The very act of lying, once considered evil, is now considered proof of shrewdness.  How well someone can “spin” truth is considered rather like how a tennis player or a baseball pitcher can spin a ball.

If truth does not matter, then the accumulation of truth which we call learning cannot matter either.  Public education and academia is simply re-education.  Children and college students are taught “facts” that round out political indoctrination. There was a time when education meant exposing growing minds to a universe of facts which supported conflicting opinions and grasping the thinking behind those opinions.  The myth of the intolerant medieval university or old public school systems of America is evidence of just how little our modern totalitarians actually know:  debate, controversy, cognition, and schools of thought were the norm, not the exception.  The very term “schools of thought,” no longer exists.  In our murdered civil life, there is “the school of thought,” surrounded by barbed wire.
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