The Single Payer Trojan Horse

So you think you’ll get to keep your employer based Health Insurance Plan?  Maybe for a short while, but, only for a short while.   Over at Hot Airthere is evidence that what Obama is portraying today as Choice, will at some point become All Government Health All the Time.  The Public Plan Deception:

“The people who designed this approach were very honest about it, as you can see in the above video.  None of them talk about “keeping private insurers honest”; instead, they’re openly scornful of private insurance and want to rid us of them as soon as they are politically able to do so.  The one couldn’t even bring himself to call the public plan a Trojan Horse, so obvious is its intent.”

More evidence of Obama being truth challenged.  Unless this is what you want, I suggest getting in the game, start reading, and call your Congressperson.


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