Immanentize the Eschaton

I came across the term, Immanentize the Eschaton, a number of years ago.  In essence it means trying to create heaven on earth Jonah Goldberg, writing in National Review explains it pretty well. William F. Buckley, I think, popularized the term, to the extent it has been popularized.  I never really understood what the term meant.  If people wanted to Grok with nature, hey no problem. I read Stranger in a Strange Land back in High School and thought to Grok was pretty cool.  Heck, we used to have sensitivity sessions where we would “Grok” with each other.  As I said, I never really und erstood what immanentizing the eschaton meant.  Now I think I do.  It means others trying to bring their version of reaching Nirvana, bringing  down a mallet down upon the heads of the rest of us who don’t want it, in order toallow the believers to attempt to achieve the believers version of The RaptureNow those who want to Immanentize the Eschaton are the ones want to save the earth, yeah Cap and Trade, yeah Single Payer Health Care, yeah Let’s Destroy Israel,…….  So if Israel disappears, what then?  Will there be peace in the Middle East?  I don’t think so.  I don’t think so but you probably will lose the technology that powers your computers and cell phones.  Will the PLO Arabs take over the technology?  I don’t think so.  I could go on, and I will for a little bit  more.  I don’t think the Founding Fathers of our Country had in mind the religious zealotry of the Chruch of Al Gore. The left likes to cite the 1st Amendment  for the Separation of Church and State. I don’t think Jefferson ever envisioned the Church of the Goracle.  If there is the imagined separation of church and state as we are often told there is, so that Government vouchers to Private Schools are Unconstitutional, what of the largesse the Goverment promises to the upholders of the Church of Global Warming?  Is it not a religion?  I don’t think it was contemplated by Madison, Adams or Jefferson.  Yet, if some belief in some unproved metaphysical being, Gaia, drives the upending of the Founding Document of our Country, what then? I can see the argument, the founders could not possibly have seen our times so their Constitution is outdated and meaningless.  It no longer matters.  Maybe.  I don’t think so.  Like the Torah, the Constitution set groundrules which are timeless.  It lays a framework against which everything is to be judged and if you don’t see how what you think fits in, think again.  We the People doesn’t mean rule of the whim. And if Obama and the religion of the left are proved wrong, will they apologize?  And if they do, like the murderer who apoligizes to the family of the murdered, will they bring back that which they destroyed.  They cannot I don’t think they’ll try.  What then?


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