Using PlayStation to heal severe burn trauma

Interesting.  Most people have no clue how much Israel and Israeli’s contribute to the technology and medicine we use in the US and around the world:

Many of the half-million burns treated in the US every year lead to permanent scarring; a physical debility that can leave deep mental scars as well. Now, a new therapy pioneered at Tel Aviv University (TAU) may alleviate the psychological effects of burn injuries and help patients heal faster. Best of all, equipment for this therapy is already available at the neighborhood gadget or toy store.

According to the American Burn Association, there were 500,000 burn injuries receiving medical treatment in the US in 2007. More than 60 percent of the 40,000 US hospitalizations for burn injury each year are admitted to the 125 hospitals with specialized burn units.

Over one-third of burn center admissions (38%) exceeded 10% total body surface area (TBSA), and 10% exceeded 30% TBSA. Most included severe burns to vital body areas such as the face, hands and feet.

That means there are a lot of people, mostly male (70%), suffering major scars and the attendant shame, embarrassment and trauma, not just of the accident itself but of the aftermath: going on living with an appearance that has changed irreversibly.

Because self-image is such an important component of the healing process, Dr. Joseph Haik, plastic surgeon and burn specialist at TAU’s Sackler Faculty of Medicine and director of the Chaim Sheba Medical Center-Tel Hashomer Hospital’s Burn Unit and Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, has begun prescribing the Sony PlayStation EyeToy to his patients as an important part of the burn treatment protocol. Continue reading here.

Of course, there are those who want to boycott Israel and Israeli products boycott-israel-275x275[1]They want Companies to divest from Israel.  Hamas wants Israel destroyed.   Maybe they need some perspective:

To Those Who Want to Boycott Israel – A Little Perspective
By Barry Shaw

Shalom.OK. I understand that you are ticked off at Israel, and in love with the Palestinians. That’s fine with me, as long as you have truly weighed up all the facts. So, you want to boycott Israel? I’ll be sorry to miss you, but if you are doing it – do it properly. Let me help you.

Check all your medications. Make sure that you do not have tablets, drops, lotions, etc., made by Abic or Teva. It may mean that you will suffer from colds and flu this winter but, hey, that’s a small price for you to pay in your campaign against Israel, isn’t it?

While we are on the subject of your Israeli boycott, and the medical contributions to the world made by Israeli doctors and scientists, how about telling your pals to boycott the following…..

An Israeli company has developed a simple blood test that distinguishes between mild and more severe cases of Multiple Sclerosis. So, if you know anyone suffering from MS, tell them to ignore the Israeli patent that may, more accurately, diagnose their symptoms. An Israeli-made device helps restore the use of paralysed hands. This device electrically stimulates the hand muscles, providing hope to millions of stroke sufferers and victims of spinal injuries.

If you wish to remove this hope of a better quality of life to these people, go ahead and boycott Israel.

Young children with breathing problems will soon be sleeping more soundly, thanks to a new Israeli device called the Child Hood. This innovation replaces the inhalation mask with an improved drug delivery system that provides relief for child and parent. Please tell anxious mothers that they shouldn’t use this device because of your passionate cause.
These are just a few examples of how people have benefited medically from the Israeli know-how you wish toblock. Boycotts often affect research.
A new research center in Israel hopes to throw light on brain disorders such as depression and Alzheimer’s disease. The Joseph Sangol Neuroscience Center in the Sheba Medical Center at Tel HaShomer Hospital aims to bring thousands of scientists and doctors to focus on brain research.
Continue reading here.

Do you think that the PLO Arabs will take over where the Israeli’s left off and provide the technology you so love and depend upon?  What happened when Israel pulled out of Gaza leaving thriving Greenhouses, purchased for the PLO Arabs by Jewish Philanthropists, Palestinians Loot, Burn, Destroy in Gaza


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