Drawing Life

David Gelernter is a Brilliant Professor of Computer Science at Yale University and a survivor of a bomb sent to him by the Unibomber. He wrote a moving book about that experience, Drawing Life. Buy it and read it. He also happens to be a Conservative, like me. Bet you would have never guessed that. I came of age, whatever the heck that means, in the late 60’s and early 70’s, I had nothing but disdain for the military in my youth. I came across this post at Powerlineblog and read the link to the Gelernter piece. Too Much, Too Late. Since Obama (sorry, Omaha) Beach is being remembered today, it’s worth reading. I long ago got over my disdain for the Military. These days, if I see someone in a uniform or readily identifiable as a Veteran, I usually go over to them, thank them for their service and shake their hand. I am a Baby Boomer who got out the Mind Set of Baby Boomers long ago. I have a son who serves in the Israeli Army and I am proud of him. Unfortunately I have little pride in my Generation. The Stupid Generation. I have no patience for Phonies. I have no patience for Obama and his sycophantic supporters. I’m sorry, but you cannot support the Military and not the Misson. The Mission at Omaha Beach is why we have our freedom today. I’m going to watch, for the I don’t know how many times, Saving Private Ryan. They died for the freedom Obama and the Dems are out to destroy. Somehow I don’t think those who gave their lives in defense of our Country, the English, the French et al.,would approve of us.


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