Barak Louis XVI and Michelle Marie Antoinette Obama Go to Paris

So after the Date Night in New York (the Transparent Administration won’t disclose the cost, although I’ve seen estimates of anywhere between $30K and 250K) King Barak Louis XVI and Queen Michell Marie Antoinette are going to do some vacationing in Paris with the Kids and Michelle Marie Antoinett’s mother, much of which will be at Taxpayer Expense.  I suspect the Transparent Administration will not tell us Taxpayers the cost of this modest vacation.  I doubt they’ll ever reimburse the Treasury for any part of this excursion.  Here’s the story in the Boston Globe:

Obamas’ trip to Paris raises some eyebrows

…the trip has raised eyebrows among government watchdog groups, particularly since it comes so soon after the Obama’s pricey “date night” jaunt to New York – the president called it fulfilling a campaign promise – and in the midst of what Obama himself has called the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.

Sit back and eat some cake.  Liberté, égalité, fraternité and all that.


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