Malevolent Fools

Blair sister-in-law: Gaza world’s largest concentration camp

‘It’s as bad as Darfur’

“When asked about Israel’s right to respond to incessant attacks emanating from Gaza, Booth evoked Holocaust-related rhetoric. “There is no right to punish people this way. There is no justification for this kind of collective punishment. You were in the concentration camps, and I can’t believe that you are allowing the creation of such a camp yourselves.”

Is that camp prisioner victim guy behind me using a cell?

 Here she is at one of the concentration camps sparsely stalked stores.  Hey, does that guy in the background have a cell phone?? Must have smuggled it past the prison camp guards.

And this is how the residents of the concentrentation spend their money  Hamas’s Gluttony
 A few days ago, a striking statement was made by Palestinian sources in Damascus through Asharq Al-Awsat, suggesting that the Hamas Islamic movement is financially thriving. At a time when the people of Gaza were left without a loaf of bread, Hamas was paying approximately 18,000 militants who are associated with the movement- what amounts to 16 million dollars a month.    This statement comes at a time when United Nations Special Humanitarian Envoy, Mr. Abdulaziz Arrukban, highlighted to the Kuwaiti “Alqabas” newspaper the tragic Palestinian humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip, and how 60 percent of the population survives on 1.5 dollars per day, while 80 percent solely depend on aid for survival.

This is a puzzling matter; who should we believe? The UN special envoy speaking of a tragic situation in Gaza, or rival Palestinian sects accusing the brotherhood movement of financial gluttony? 

Maybe they don’t have a loaf of bread, but they sure have a lot of corn flakes. 


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