Pagans for Obama

(ht American Thinker)

The Pagans for Obama Group is planning a magickal working tomorrow (FRIDAY) night.

We’re going to perform a “Rolling Circle” Healing Ceremony for the election.  That means that are sisters and brothers in the East will begin and then those in each successive time zone will join half an hour later.

This ceremony was the result of a discussion among us about Palin’s authorization of aerial hunting of wolves and bears and the horrendous lies and distortions being propelled from the campaign in order to damage Barack.

After much discussion and wise counsel, we are united in creating this ceremony to HEAL the right instead of attack them. The following is an outline of what we will be doing and we invite everyone interested in healing our nation during this election to join us! Please share with anyone who may wish to participate in this landmark magickal work! We can reclaim our nation for the good.

Also, if you’d like to get involved in the founding of true Pagan representation in the political party process, you can join the group on the
MyBarackObama site:


10-10:30 pm Eastern,

9:30-10 pm Central,

9-9:30 pm Mountain,

8:30-9 pm Pacific.

That means we each only need to work half an hour and hand it off to the next time zone to continue to build. Those of us who want or need to work longer, can do so.


We are NOT attacking the individuals, we are attacking the lies using our power animals. I do practice a shamanic path (Faile Gleidhte), and
Caroline’s comment is exactly right.

As you are doing this work, instead of attacking in anger or malice, you should be hunting for illness. Your power animal will do what SHE/HE does best, so you want to focus your intent to match their abilities or vice versa.

I find that once you are immersed in the work, the animal spirit will take over if you are doing this in a shamanic manner. I know Wiccans usually direct the energy, but I would urge you to become one with your animal spirit and allow HER/HIM to guide the work, that way you probably will not run into the pitfalls of attacking negatively.

In shamanic healing traditions, the “Healer” normally consumes the illnessin order to destroy it. I think in this case, we should be performing a healing ceremony. I think we should focus on healing the illness of Lying, Greed (for power, wealth, etc.), and the illness of Stealing (as in the election). We should attempt to heal with Compassion, a desire to Serve the People, and Honesty. Remember that these individuals were once innocent children and are sacred members of All That Is, just that they are currently sick.

If you allow your animal spirit to stalk, capture, and eat the illnesses, then the universe can properly dispose of it and convert it to the good.

Beaver and others who have different skills can act as connections for those of us who will be feasting and be our anchors and circle holders so to speak. They will be unifying all of our work and performing the vital function of building the framework within which each of us will be working. These peacemaker spirits will also insure that our work is protected from outer workings (i.e., forces working against us-and yes, I believe they are out there praying their little butts off) as well as keeping us from straying into personal attacks.

So, I would divide our work into two categories:

Peacemakers: those who will build and sustain the energy work and keep us focused on consuming/healing/destroying the diseases of lying, stealing, and greed for power. These are all illnesses that shamans typically cure.

Hunters/Eaters: those will seek out the above illnesses and see them as the natural food of our power spirits. Once we find them, we will feast on them. Please remember to share with the Peacemakers before you’re done with your work!

For instance, I’ll be working with Mother Bear primarily, and will be looking for fat, yummy, spawning, salmon-shaped lies, greed, and thieving energies. It is after all, that time of year! My mouth is watering already, and I can feel HER tugging me to go to the river.

Above all, remember to eat and drink after this working to ground your energy and to digest the poisons. Our work won’t actually be finished until we have had our morning constitutional *grin*, so just be aware that you might want to give yourself plenty of space for meditation and rest without a lot of stress or distraction so that the toxic residue of our work doesn’t affect you


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