Obama’s Electoral Map

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Obama Passes the Global Test
The Republican Convention and the debut of Sarah Palin might have given John McCain a “bounce” in the polls, but the BBC notes a severe weakness in the GOP nominee’s support:

People outside the US would prefer Barack Obama to become US president ahead of John McCain, a BBC World Service poll suggests.

Democrat Mr Obama was favoured by a four-to-one margin across the 22,500 people polled in 22 countries.

Here’s a complete list of the countries included in the poll, along with the number of electoral votes in each:

 Australia (0)
 Brazil (0)
 Canada (0)
 China (0)
 Egypt (0)
 France (0)
 Germany (0)
 India (0)
 Indonesia (0)
 Italy (0)
 Kenya (0)
 Lebanon (0)
 Mexico (0)
 Nigeria (0)
 Panama (0)
 Philippines (0)
 Poland (0)
 Russia (0)
 Singapore (0)
 Turkey (0)
 United Arab Emirates (0)
 United Kingdom (0)

In case you don’t get the picture, blogger Michael Asher has a map.


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