Word of the day x 2

From Dictionary.com:

glower \GLAU-uhr\, intransitive verb:

1. To look or stare angrily or with a scowl.
2. An angry or scowling look or stare.

At one point, the head of the institute started chatting with colleagues sitting at a table behind Yeltsin, prompting the Russian President to interrupt his reading and glower at them.
— Bruce W. Nelan, “The Last Hurrah?”, Time, April 26, 1993

A baby wearing a disposable nappy has been placed on a tree trunk in dark woodland: he seems to glower at us disapprovingly, like a troll, or a mini-Churchill.
— Margaret Walters, “The secret life of babies”, New Statesman, September 13, 1996

A boyish-looking man who frowned and glowered, trying to look more authoritative than his twenty-nine years, Andrei said his job was to focus on the convolutions in Russian property law.
— Eleanor Randolph, Waking the Tempest

Floyd approached me with a glower, cheeks reddened, indignant.
— William Peter Blatty, Demons Five, Exorcists Nothing

Glower is from Middle English gloren, perhaps ultimately of Scandinavian origin.

fop \FOP\, noun:

A man who is overly concerned with or vain about his dress and appearance; a dandy.

I wear ties because I don’t have to, because in an increasingly dressed-down, homogenized world, they can set you apart. I wear ties because they nurture the inner fop. Also the outer one.
— Abbott Combes, “Secrets and Ties”, New York Times Magazine, November 14, 1999

He’s swaddled in a heavy black wool overcoat and his shoes are silver-buckled with cap toes, the black leather well taken care of. He’s a bit of a lounge lizard, a hip-hop fop.
— Po Bronson, The Nudist on the Late Shift

Fop comes from Middle English fop, foppe, “a fool.” The adjective form is foppish.


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