The Reality of a Palestinian State

As we get closer to the election, more prattle will be spent on solving the Israel-Arab conflict.  I think McCain perfectly understands it, and knows terror, terrorists, Islamists… cannot be appeased.  Others may, but one would never know it by listening to them and watching them.  As  David Horowitz has said, the Jews are the canaries in the coal mine. Look at Condeleeza Rice shuttling back and forth trying to achieve an agreement to eventually destroy Israel.  As I’ve said and will continue to say, it is not about land for peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It is about the return of the Caliphate, and that no Muslim can allow anyone to govern in a land they once ruled. 

The Reality of a Palestinian State

“President George W. Bush, like his predecessor Bill Clinton, has become a victim of the “legacy seeking mania” – trying to be a peacemaker in the intractable Middle East conflict.   Except that in America’s case, being “inoffensive” to the Palestinians who seek to expel America’s interests from the region places Israel’s freedom on the line.

Since Oslo neither the Israeli governments nor the U.S. administrations have understood the simple truth that the Palestinian struggle against Israel is not about land, it is an armed struggle that aims to replace Israel with an Arab Islamic terrorist state that would undermine American and European interests in the region….

At the June 1974 Palestinian National Council (PNC) in Cairo, the PNC inaugurated the “Phased Plan,” a strategy that called for the liberation of all of Palestine (in effect the land of Israel) through both armed struggle and diplomatic double-talk.  A Palestinian state would therefore be a base of operation to dismantle the Jewish State.  Such a state would be a haven for assorted jihadist terror groups, including al-Qaeda and would work closely with Hezbollah operatives.  In Hamas-governed Gaza, this is not merely a possible scenario, but a living reality. ” 

When they talk about occupation, they actually mean any Jew living in Israel, or any Israel for that matter.


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