I couldn’t stomach watching Obamawonkenobie, Dalibama, NeObama, whatever.  From the clips I’ve heard, didn’t he promise a car in every garage????  How does anyone with anything between their ears think all of his promises will be funded???  Oh, that’s right, confiscation of significant portions of wages and earnings by wage earners and producers, by the government, and then restribution of that money to others who likely earn and produce less.  Sounds good to me.  Sign me up.  If I want to go back to college will the government pay my tuition??? 

I was reading a piece by Byron York at National Review, Mile High Youth for Obama:

They all admire Obama and very much want him to become president. If that happens, I ask, what would they like to see him do?

“Tangibly?” asks Brooke.

“Well, yes — tangibly.”

“I just think that he has the capacity to really rally people together in a way that I haven’t seen before,” she says. “The other day, I went to the Denver Coliseum to see Rage Against the Machine and the Flobots. And I was astounded by their ability to musically rally a large amount of people towards peaceful protest. There was an amazing march that ensued after the concert; it was unbelievably peaceful and rule-y, as opposed to unruly, but focused and determined, and I feel that on a more general level I would love to see Barack rally a large amount of people, a very large amount of people, all together.”

“Rally them to do anything in particular?” I ask.

 Brooke pauses for quite a while. “Well, build morale. Build a sense of empowerment.”

I ask about John McCain.

“Boo!” says Nouri. “He’s a warmongering, oblivious, ill-informed, bought-out politician.”

“Actually, I’d say he’d be a belly itcher and not a pitcher,” Brooke says. “And we would like a pitcher and not a belly itcher.”

The three break into giggles. “We want a pitcher, not a belly itcher!” then begin to chant. “We want a batter, not a broken ladder!”

“McCain’s a broken ladder,” Brooke tells me.

I ask whether they will all really vote for Obama — that is, will they actually show up at the polls on Election Day. They won’t just skip it, will they?

“No way, we’ll be there,” says Dave. Everybody agrees.

I’m getting out my Thesaurus to find enough words to describe what I think.  Heaven forgive me if I sounded so ridiculous when I was that age.  Youth really is wasted on the young.  Perhaps youth better spent, would be gathering wisdom instead of wanting to feel good.  But, they have good intentions.  Unfortunately little wisdom.  To paraphrase Dennis Prager,  good intentions results in very little good, and no wisdom.  Lesson learned, indeed.


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