Please spray Olmert

Border Police Skunk Protesters: Secret Israeli Weapon Really Stinks:

Border Police have started using a potent new weapon to disperse violent demonstrations against the security fence in Ni’lin, and Palestinian and leftwing protesters are crying foul. Really foul.

The weapon, dubbed “The Skunk,” is a odiferous liquid spray on the protesters with a smell so disgusting that it compels them to flee the scene.

Security officials told Channel 10 that “The Skunk was developed as part of police’s efforts to develop non-lethal means and … avoid irreversible physical damage.” They said it was less harmful than tear gas or rubber bullets, but even more effective. On Friday, it caused protesters to run for the showers, and even that didn’t help.

Demonstrators described the odor as a bit like sewage, only much worse, and that even bathing did not make it go away.

One soldier quipped: “We’ve been taking crap from them long enough. Now it’s time to give them some of the same.”

The new stink bomb also facilitates subsequent identification of participants in illegal protests. “You can smell them from across the room,” said one border policeman.

By the way, what does this really mean:  As prime minister, I bear ultimate responsibility for every decision.”   If he really meant it he would have left a long time ago. And he still won’t go quietly into the night.  He is a disgrace as a Jew, an Israeli and a human being.  Just a disgusting human.


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