Amputee Marine returns to combat duty

I am a very fortunate person. Besides having a wonderful wife, a nurse, who takes care of people in the worst of circumstances, I get to sit down at a desk when I get to work, turn on the radio and listen to conservative talk radio all day as I work. I listen to Laura Ingraham, Dennis Miller, Dennis Prager and Sean Hannity. I love Rush, but, it’s too much of  trouble to change stations and then change back. Lazy I guess. Anyway, I was listening to Hugh Hewitt when I got home and he discussed a Marine who had lost his leg in Iraq, recovered, got a prosthetic leg and returned to duty in Afghanistan. So I looked up the story and you can read it here.  The next time you see someone in uniform, go up to that person and thank him or her for their service.  They are what make this country great and they are the great ones.


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