You can’t make this up.

Activist tries to superglue himself to Gordon Brown.  So a police office had to detach his hand.  Did the officer then reattach it??  Investors Business Daily has been running a series of editorials on the NeObama here.  Scary stuff.  Nancy “I’m trying to save the planet” Pelosi just wrote a book Know Your Power.  You can read about it here.  I don’t know if James Madison had her in mind as the 2nd in line of succession to the Presidency.

Then again, I’m certainly sure she would be a more than adaquate successor to the Obamassiah.  She would save the world.  She’s San Fran NeObama’s Nan.   Maybe she could be Marie No No AntoiNANette. Drill for gas?? N0!!! Let em eat cake. She wants candy.  Good grief!!  She could be in charge of the Nanny State. And I’m not talking about this Nanny


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