While I’m on a hiatus you can read this, Perpetuating Poverty:

According to its web site, UNRWA currently employs 24,324 staff. Arlene Kushner claims this is one staff member for every 164 refugees compared to the UNHRC, where the ratio is 1: 2,803. Each Palestinian refugee receives 32% more than any refugee under the care of UNHRC.

The Palestinian community is dependent upon UNRWA for healthcare, educational facilities, environmental and family programs. The organization is almost completely operated by the clients themselves, a situation that creates and perpetuates an unhealthy interdependency.

Over 75% of current ‘Palestinian’ refugees were not born in Palestine, but in refugee camps in their host countries. And yet Jordan is the only Arab country to offer Palestinians citizenship rights. No other Mid Eastern state has made any effort to provide a home for these misplaced people.

What a sham, what a farce, what a bunch of you know what. Yep the PLO Arabs have it all, except for what they covet most, and they are working on it with the help of the world. G-d help us.


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