In the liturgy on the High Holidays we read the Unetaneh Tokef prayer. It is the story of Rabbi Amnon of Mayence who was pressured by the Christian Clergy to change his faith and renounce Judaism. As the story goes, he kept putting them off and at one point asked for three days to consider their request. He was heartbroken because he had given them the impression he would even consider their request. At the end of the three days he was summoned to appear before the Archbishop, but refused their request. He was finally brought before the court and answered them that as a punishment for his refusal to appear they should cut out his tongue for speaking with deceit. Instead the Archbishop decreed that his hands and feet be cut off in piecemeal fashion, and at each interval they asked him to renounce his faith. He did not, and eventually they sent him home with his severed and mutilated limbs by his side. Dying from his wounds he recited prayer, sanctifying G-d’s name and accepting G-d’s divine judgment. When the prayer was finished, he passed. The prayer speaks to the devotion to G-d, cleaving to G-d’s promise, following G-d will and sanctifying G-d’s name. You can read more. Do an internet search under “Unetaneh Tokef”. So what’s the point? In some ways I see the story as analagous to what is happening in Israel today. The world cannot destroy Israel outright, and when such suggestions are made, such as the president of Iran who has vowed to wipe Israel out, the world feigns revile. At the same time the world seeks to cut Israel out of existence piecemeal, until it ceases to exist. How? By requiring that it give up territory piecemeal to an an intractible enemy bent upon it’s destruction. And so Israel withdraws from Gaza, and eventually, more and more, then the rest seemingly becomes easy for the PLO Muslim Arabs. Read, The goal — no Israel!, Read, Folly in Gaza: The Sequel, Read, The Palestinian-Israeli War. The many columns and articles I’ve posted consistently pointed to the goal of the destruction of Israel. The Pope is Bush, the Archibishop is the Parrot Rice……… You can argue about the players. When all is gone will it be to late for us to take solace in sanctifying G-d’s name and accepting G-d’s judgment. Maybe, G-d wants us to say,” enough!” and make a stand. What happens when Israel is gone? My soul is in Israel, my body hopes to be there soon. A Kiddush Hahem indeed. Ok, now for sanity. Sorry.


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