The Church of England is endorsing the idea of apologizing to Muslim leaders for the Anglo-American invasion of Iraq. Read, The Misguided Church:

The Church of England’s latest opinion on Middle Eastern affairs ranks among its most bankrupt.

A recent report commissioned by the church’s bishops endorsed apologizing to Muslim leaders for the Anglo-American invasion of Iraq.

That invasion removed a sadistic tyrant who bragged publicly about paying the families of Palestinian suicide bombers – who intimidated his people by tossing them into shredders, allowing his sons to rape their choice of women and gassing entire villages.
Yet to the authors of the report, “Countering Terrorism: Power, Violence and Democracy Post 9/11,” none of that matters.

We do believe that the church has a visionary role for reconciliation beyond that of any government,” one of the authors, Bishop Richard Harries of Oxford, told BBC Radio.
That role involves what the report called “truth and reconciliation” meetings with Muslim leaders that would give Christian counterparts the opportunity to perform a “public act of institutional penance” for the West’s “long litany of errors” in dealing with Iraq, including the 2003 war.

Beyond the obvious betrayal of British troops in the field, the report symbolizes two more substantial, disturbing tendencies among liberal Christian intellectuals: profound ignorance of Islam and a virulent pacifism that embraces appeasement…….

Joseph Loconte, a fellow at the Heritage Foundation, traced that ethos to what Protestant theologian Reinhold Niebuhr called the “pitiless perfectionism” of Christian utopians before World War II. Niebuhr used the term to describe “the impulse to hijack Jesus and the ‘gospel of love’ in order to construct ideal political and economic systems,” Loconte wrote for Fox

“Internationally, it made pacifism the highest good: War involved too many ethical ambiguities to be a just alternative,” Loconte continued.

Read the whole piece. I simply cannot understand the continual doctrine of appeasement as religiouis conviction. It really makes me believe that this form of Christianity is totally corrupt and bankrupt.


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