The intifada in France continues. In Paris Burning, Robert Spencer offers some insight. It seems the Euros have brought much of this on themselves by not requiring the Muslims immigrants to integrate themselves in Euro Society:

In her seminal Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis, historian Bat Ye’or details a series of agreements between the European Union and the Arab League that guaranteed that Muslim immigrants in Europe would not be compelled in any way to adapt “to the customs of the host countries.” On the contrary, the Euro-Arab Dialogue’s Hamburg Symposium of 1983, to take just one of many examples, recommended that non-Muslim Europeans be made “more aware of the cultural background of migrants, by promoting cultural activities of the immigrant communities or ‘supplying adequate information on the culture of the migrant communities in the school curricula.’” Not only that: “Access to the mass media had to be facilitated to the migrants in order to ensure ‘regular information in their own language about their own culture as well as about the conditions of life in the host country.”[1]

The European Union has implemented such recommendations for decades — so far from playing down the differences between ethnic groups, they have instead stood by approvingly while immigrants formed non-assimilated Islamic enclaves within Europe. Indeed, as Bat Ye’or demonstrates, they have assured the Arab League in multiple agreements that they would aid in the creation and maintenance of such enclaves. Ignorance of the jihad ideology among European officials has allowed that ideology to spread in those enclaves, unchecked until relatively recently.

Consequently, among a generation of Muslims born in Europe, significant numbers have nothing but contempt and disdain for their native lands, and allegiance only to the Muslim umma and the lands of their parents’ birth…….

This is what get happens when appeasement and multiculturalsim replace common sense. Melanie Phillips provides more insight in , Eurabia on the rampage. Muslims are now rioting in Denmark.

The Muslim riots in Paris have now been going on for eight nights. How is Britain reacting to these disturbing events just across the English Channel, four months after its own ‘wake-up call’ from last July’s bombings? With almost total indifference, since far from having woken up Britain is still sleep-walking in its own little trance. Media coverage has been sporadic and downplayed, and the disturbances have been portrayed as caused by deprivation and race. The fact that the rioters are Muslim has been mentioned, if at all, only in passing. But in Denmark, as Viking-Observer has reported, Muslims have also been rioting for days in Arhus, apparently over the publication of cartoons satirising the Prophet. The cartoons were in turn a response to the difficulties encountered by a children’s writer, Kare Bluitgen, who couldn’t find an illustrator for his book on the Koran and the Prophet’s life since all the artists he approached feared the wrath of Muslims if they drew images of the Prophet.

So the Denmark Muslims are rioting because of cartoons about the prophet? I guess a law should be passed prohibiting offending Muslims. Yep. !!#$$%^&*&^%$


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