David Frum has a column on the Bubblehead Prince’s tour of the US to convince us that we are just too hard on the practitioners of the Religion of Peace, DEFENDER OF THE FAITH. Muslim rioting continues in Paris, Paris riots spread, shaking French government. At the end of the article a French Sociologist provides an opinion as to why all the practioners are rioting,
“A French sociologist, Michel Wieviorka, told AFP that such rampages were “the expression of desperation, of anger and a feeling of injustice.” They came about, he said, because “France doesn’t know how to cope with the faltering of its republican model of integration.”

Now maybe “le sociologist” has it wrong. Maybe it’s that France can’t cope with practioners who don’t want to be models of integration into French society. Oh, the injustice of it all. Hey look who’s at the White House to honor the Bubblehead Prince who’s here to defend the Religion of the Practioners of Peace, err, Practioners of the Religion of Peace:

GUEST HIGHLIGHTS AT WHITE HOUSE DINNER FOR PRINCE CHARLES AND DUTCHESS: Miss Jenna Bush/ Mr. Henry Hager (Guest); Tom Brokaw; Michael Beschloss, Historian; Mary Cheney, Ms. Heather Poe (Guest); Kelsey Grammer; Nancy Reagan, Mr. Merv Griffin (Guest); Condoleezza Rice, Mr. Gene A. Washington, Director of Football Operations, National Football League (Guest); R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr., Editor in Chief, The American Spectator…Medallions of Buffalo Tenderloin, Roasted Corn, Wild Rice Pancakes, Glazed Parsnips and Young Carrots; Mint Romaine Lettuce with Blood Orange Vinaigrette, Vermont Camembert Cheese and Spiced Walnuts; Petits Fours Cake, Chartreuse Ice Cream, Red and Green Grape Sauce…

Bloody good wouldn’t you say. I wonder if they served pork? Piggy banks seem to have been banned in some places in jolly old England, UK banks ban piggy banks. Yikes. Well you wouldn’t want the defender of the faithful eating pork would you? or putting his hard earned coin into an offensive piggy bank.


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