Interesting reading, NOT. Why don’t you just call everyone a Nazi. Just paint a little mustache on them. An intellectually thoughtful act, really as we are told by the super intellect:

Conservative, My Ass… These People Are NAZIs!
Ann Coulter
Lt. Gen. William G. “Jerry” Boykin
David Horowitz
Pat Robertson
William Bennett
John Yoo

So what is a Nazi anyway, since language has been corrupted. Well, if you want to know the intellectual you can read, Writings of Bob Avakian Chairman of the RCP,USA, he’s even got a mustache and a beard. Maybe a super NAZI, as long as we want to fling the term around. Isn’t it wonderful that in this terrible country he can say what he wants? As I say, know your enemy. Mr. Avakian is my enemy.


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