Melanie Phillips provides some further commentary on the Religion of Peace, at least as it pertains to Iran, “The mad logic of Ahmadinejad“:

The Iranian president sees his country as part of an epic fight between the world of Islam and the rest of us. Because the world of Islam has lost out to the west since the Enlightenment, this is portrayed as an assault by the west upon the Islamic world. The failure of that world is thus presented as a defeat by a west that set out to destroy it. The idea that Islam was actually the last thing on the west’s mind while it just got on with inventing capitalism, while the Islamic world lost out simply because of its own inherent weaknesses, is not even considered…..

Iran is about to arm itself with nuclear weapons. No-one can now delude themselves any longer about its intentions. The fact that this morning it remains a member of the UN is itself a dismaying sign that the world is still passively waiting for immolation.

Oh brothers, let their religion be tarnished by any of this.


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