In keeping with a theme, Dead Jews Aren’t News, is a sad one. You really never hear about the victims of the precious PLO Arabs. To do so, the MSM would have to begin to concede their favorite victims suffer from a terrible sickness. Of, course you know who they would blame it on. So when this happens, Bombing at Israeli Food Stand Kills Five, you can just blame the victims for the terrible sickness. No matter that this kind of tripe, Israel should be ‘wiped off the map’: Iran president, or this, Syrian show: Jews cut Christian throatsJordanian TV airs ‘documentary’ of Zionist history, is regular swill in the world of the religion of peace. In the world of the religion of peace honors are given to people like this, Sheikh seeking to ‘terminate’ Jews honored.

A Muslim cleric who has prayed to “terminate” the Jews was awarded Islamic Personality of the Year at a ceremony in which he called Islam a religion of “harmony and kindness” that rejects terrorism.

Now I’m not sure what Israel did to make him so sick. Must be some sort of projection. Anyone see the pattern here? If you want more go over to Jihad Watch. He’s keeping better track of the religion of peace (sic).


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