Well I’m back from my hiatus. I’m finding that working two jobs and other goings on leave a small amount of time for blogging. I’ve been taking whole lot of personality tests for the past couple of days, just for the fun of it, and low and behold I have………………………………………… a personality. You can take lots of test at SimilarMinds. I have also discovered Enneagrams which is another type of personality profile, but, seems to want to achieve some sort of spiritual end. It’s interesting. I’m not sure how useful it is, but, I have a type 5 personality on the Enneagram scale. That means I’m an investigator/observer, depending on whose Enneagram profile you use. There are lots of web sites about Enneagram. Anyway, check them out. Maybe you’ll find something useful. There’s even a book titled “The Enneagram and Kabbalah“. I imagine Madonna has read that one. This latter point is why I do not like the Kabbalah Center, or it’s founders The Bergs. The great Jewish Kabbalists were thoroughly steepted in Torah, Talmud, Halachah, and lived a Torah Observant life. That was an inherent path and part of their spirituality. These days, people want to bypass the essentials, understand nothing about Judaism, and do not want even to be Jewish. Yom Kippur may be the holiest day of the Jewish year, but Shabbos is the most important day, and it comes every week. Keep Shabbos truly and faithfully and you will understand the spirituality and mysticism of the world. Now, I should follow my words. I know of what I speak, and I speak of what I no longer know.


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