Listening to the race baiters since Katrina has been nauseating. Rep. Charles Rangel (D) New York likened George Bush to “Bull” Connor“. Then you have the Reverend Al, who has never paid a price ( I don’t think the award has ever been paid) for Tawana Brawley. Yet he has been given credence as a presidential candidate. Of course anyone with his past, if he/she were white would be laughed at. Then you have Jesse and the rest. So prior to Katrina did we ever hear about the poverty in New Orleans. Deroy Murdock weighs in with, Grand Wizard Bush:

The sad truth is that many of those pulled from rooftops and deposited at the Superdome and Convention Center were poor long before George W. Bush ran for president. They were poor throughout Bill Clinton’s eight years of Truth and Beauty, for which these crackpots probably pine. And they likely would be poor in 2012 had Katrina sputtered, and Hillary Clinton followed John Kerry into the Oval Office.

Largely under black, Democratic leadership, the Crescent City’s poor endured derelict schools (of which Baton Rouge has declared 70 among 127 “academically unacceptable”), fatherless homes, municipal corruption, and, at least until lately, a business-hostile economic climate. These and other factors hobbled low-income New Orleanians. In my 13 visits to one of America’s most seductive locales, I found that part of New Orleans’ enduring allure was its mysterious blend of fragile gentility, an atmosphere of elegant decay, and a sense of potentially imminent misfortune. The music-filled streets with ancient houses that tilted almost subliminally to one side masked far deeper troubles. Addressing them took hard work then, and will take even harder work now. Rather than pitch in, Rangel, Sharpton, Owen, Barron, and other friction-mongers plunge steak knives into old racial wounds and exhume the memory of a long-dead bigot to inflame Americans who hardly need their generosity diluted with venom.”


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