Simon Weisenthal passed away last week. Suzanne Fields paints a picture in , Death of a Salesman.

She provides this quote, “To young people here, I am the last,” he told an interviewer in Vienna a decade ago. “I’m the one who can still speak. After me, it’s history.”

Now, I am not one to dwell on the holocaust. I think it is extremely important to understand, know and remember. I know more than most. I’ve read the books and talked to survivors. My own family suffered from it’s claws. But, in and of itself it is only a tragic event in our history. Just as all tragic events are relegated to books of history to ponder. To me, the essential point is to what it’s lessons are. So, who and where are our salesmen with respect to Israel? Where are they to counter the lies? Where is the press, that looked askance to the camps in Europe and now carry the lies of the “occupation”. That carry the lies of their alleged racist Israelis guilty of apartheid and genocide. What lies are told!! Where are those to carry the truth? J’accuse. J’accuse the world of anti-semitism. You feel you now have the opportunity to absolve Europe of it’s crimes by the alleged crimes of the Israelis. To you Zionism = Nazism, the Jews are guilty. What a “shitty little country Israel is”. J’accuse the press of telling lies for political agenda. J’accuse the Bush administration of treating Israel with a double standard that purports to fight a global war on terrorism except with respect to Israel, who must give concessions to terrorists intent upon it’s destruction. J’Accuse the British Press who continually equate Zionism with Nazism. J’Accuse the UN who does the same. Yes, another holocaust is in the the making and the world is complicit. J’Accuse International Answer and the United for Peace and Justice. What justice will you claim when Israel is destroyed. More disgustingly helped by self hating Jews, of whom I hold the most contempt. You have no connection to your people, your history or any state of grace given by G-d. You are not part of your people anymore. You are abject traitors. You have no compassion for Israelis, Jews!, maimed from bombs laced with nails and ball bearings and rat poison. Shame on you. Your little darling PLO Arabs will come for you. J’Accuse the world for excusing Rawanda and Darfur. Your hatred of Israel and The United States blinds you into being incapable of focusing on anything else. Where is ANSWER and every other leftist group when it comes to protesting those terrible tragedies. What is the religion of the Sudanese government? I watched your stupid war protest. Where was your potest against the oppression of the North Korean people by it’s insane leader or the Chinese people by their government.? J’Accuse the left for forcing the US to withdraw from Vietnam which led to the genocide in Cambodia. You never have learned the lesson and you still live in the past. Reliving the 60’s is your only purpose. You are stuck on stupid. J’Accuse Cindy Sheehan and all of her ilk. You never will learn the lesson. Put on your burqas, for all that drives you is hatred without reason or purpose. You will not stand up for that which makes you free and you will willingly surrender to Islamofacism, because you do not have the intestinal fortitude to fight for the values that have given you life. J’Accuse, you have no one to blame but yourselves. J’Accuse. Only you need to be aware of what it is you are, or what you will be guilty of should your vision of the world come to furition. It is not the fault of Bush or capitalism, or Western values. J’Accuse the left and liberals of nihilism. You have no purpose other than to hate the United States and Israel. Arab misery is not the fault of Israel. It is not the fault of Jews. J’accuse. I gress you may consider me over the top.


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