Via LGF, Zombies photos from the San Franciscos demonstration. You can see the LGF slideshow. Read, A Day at the Zoo, and Britain’s Hatemongering Media, and, “Never Remember”. What I try to do is paint a picture for you. You have to read this stuff and look at the photos. The internet is such a fantastic medium. You will never, never, ever, see this on the nightly news or in your local newspapers or national newspapaer. Not in the New York Time or Washington Post. Occassionally, I will provide commentary. But, If you look at the actual articles, you can make your own mind about what the hell is going on. I am biased. Admitted. However, you have to make sense of all of this. Are all viewpoints valid? Can you make judgements? Is one culture better than another? Is there objective truth? No to the first. Yes to the rest. I am not a Post Modernist thinker. I think Post Modernism is complete bullshit. It leaves you with no context or history. It is essentially, whatever you say, whatever you believe, whatever history you want to create is valid. Frigging nonsense. Frig Michele Foucault. I feel better now.


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