Well, here is big surprise, Sickening plunder of Gaza’s green gems (hat tip: Elder of Ziyon):

“GAZA – A week after they descended like locusts on the greenhouses that Jewish settlers nurtured in Gaza, looters continue to pillage what should be a prize asset for a fledgling Palestinian state.

And the Palestinian Authority, which took over Gaza after the Israelis evacuated the territory, appears powerless to stop them.

When a Daily News correspondent visited abandoned Jewish settlements in Gaza, he found brazen vandals dismantling farms that once produced some of the world’s finest tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers.
The now-gutted greenhouses were gifts to the Palestinian people from U.S. philanthropists, who raised $14 million to buy them from departing settlers.

“It was our work for a long time and it was supposed to help even more people now,” said heartbroken Zaki Karim, 51, a Palestinian who worked at greenhouses in what was the Gadid settlement. “But it’s a mess.”

Palestinian Interior Ministry spokesman Tawfiq Abu Qusa insisted the damage was limited to 30% of the 4,000 or so greenhouses – and blamed most of the vandalism on spiteful Jewish settlers. “The Palestinians damaged so little you can’t even count it,” he said.

One of the philanthropists, Daily News Chairman and Publisher Mortimer B. Zuckerman, called that assertion “ridiculous.”

“We thought it was a chance to show the Palestinians that there were more benefits from cooperation than confrontation,” Zuckerman said. “I’m just sad that they are cutting off their noses to spite their faces. … It’s almost inexplicable.”

The World Bank reported 90% of the greenhouses were intact when the Israelis left. Facts on the ground reveal that much of that bounty is now gone.”

What is interesting to me, is the bald faced lie, that the vandalism was the work of spiteful settlers. This is an ongoing pattern with the PLO Arabs. Everything that happens is the fault of the Israelis. When, during a Hamas rally a couple of days ago, an explosion occurred that killed 19 people and injured more than 120, “Hamas leaders in the Gaza Strip, however, claimed Israel was behind the explosion and vowed to resume attacks on Israeli targets.” Now, in an unusual moment the PA, via their great leader Abbas, blamed Hamas for the explosion. But then, Abbas went on to use the occassion to say, “the only solution to the conflict would be a full Israeli withdrawal to the pre-1967 borders including Jerusalem, and solving the refugees’ problem on the basis of United Nations resolution 194.” It almost seems like a coordinated effort. On one hand you blame the Israelis for everything, then you change to the good cop bad cop sort of routine where one points the finger at the alleged perp and the other takes the perps side. Of course the perp is Israel. But, the good cop makes his goodness conditional. You give up this or that, and I’ll see what I can do. Getting the picture. This is so convoluted that it seems surreal. In the end, the good cop just like the bad cop, has every intention of busting the perp in one way or another until the case is wrapped up. In this case, the wrapping up is the destruction of Israel. As all this is going on the good cop is assuring the District Attorney of the good intentions of the department, and that they are doing their job to bring the perps to justice. The DA is holding press conferences assuring everyone that everything is under control and soon the matter will be dealt with and justice will be served. The press, in their feeding frenzy, have already convicted the perp and are going around interviewing everyone who knew the perp was a bad guy or would say he was, and then running it in the headlines. Extra Extra read all about it…………. So, who do you think the DA is? Now I know there are holes in this analogy, but gee, there seems to be something in the way of similarity.


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