I don’t know much about Islam, nor do I really care to. I don’t think it’s necessary, as I do not think it necesary to know much about Christianity. However, occassionally I come across something interesting,Plowing fields” and marrying little girls in the Quran:

Most of us have heard that Muhammad married a little girl. Is this true?
Shortly after Ayatollah Khomeini’s revolution in Iran (1979), he
lowered the marriage age for girls from eighteen years old down to nine years old. Why would these devout Muslims do such a thing? Did they stray from original Islamic ideals?

Furthermore, most realize that seventh-century Arabia was patriarchal, so it stands to reason that the Quran would reflect its surrounding culture. How does this patriarchy show up in the Quran?

However, devout Muslims believe that the Quran is universal; that is, it is good for all of humanity at all times, since Allah, the god of the world, sent it down through Gabriel to his favorite prophet. So why wouldn’t traditional Islamic societies endorse this patriarchy as really being universal?

To answer all of these questions, the revealed Quran speaks of two unpleasant (but allegedly universal) truths about women.

The goal in this article is to analyze ALL of Islam, not simply to put it down.

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