Via LGF:

Hamas To Convert Synagogue to Weapons Museum

Incredibly vile behavior from the terrorist gang the world is trying desperately to promote to a “political entity:” Hamas To Convert Synagogue to Weapons Museum. (Hat tip: LGF readers.)
WASHINGTON – Emboldened by Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza and part of the West Bank, Hamas yesterday announced its plan to turn a synagogue in Netzarim into a museum that would display weapons employed by the terrorist group’s members against Israeli civilians.

UPDATE at 9/22/05 6:54:08 pm:

I’m reading this again, and wondering where the hell is the world’s outrage about this? Newsweek prints a false rumor that a Koran was dunked in a toilet, and the entire planet goes nuts. Hamas announces that they’re going to turn a Jewish house of worship into a memorial to mass murder … and the silence is absolutely deafening.

These days, I would find anything that breaks the silence truly amazing. It really is getting depressing. I imagine the silence during the holocaust was deafening as well. More and more, I see another in the works. The scream of the hatred of my people is deafening.


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