Unfortunately, most of the fatuous world seems infatuated with the memory of the Nobel Prize Laureate Arafatuous, and his successor Abbas. I suggest you read, Left-wing Monsters: Arafat:

Yasir Arafat is the founding father of Palestinian nationalism. He is also the godfather of 20th century terrorism. The nationalist movement that he created ab ovo remains unique in history as the only one throughout the entire world whose defining paradigm is terrorism, and whose raison d’etre is the destruction of a sovereign state and the decimation of its Jewish population. Even after its leader’s death, still loyal to his legacy, the Palestinian Authority remains focused on the destruction of Israel rather than on a healthy nationalism and the building of an economically viable, Palestinian state.

Arafat not only legitimized, but actually romanticized the murder of innocent civilians, turning terrorism into a populist revolutionary tool. He put airplane hijacking on the political map. He legitimized terrorism, beginning with the moment that he was welcomed to the UN General Assembly on November 13, 1974, kaffiyah on his head and side-arm at his waist, and got a standing ovation from the delegates present. When the Nobel committee awarded him its Peace Prize in 1995, he fulfilled the Orwellian fantasy of reality turned upside down, and truth turned inside out. Evil had become good, wrong had become right, and a mass murderer drenched in the blood of thousands had become a national hero to millions….

Arafat resuscitated Jew-hatred and made it the official policy of the UN when the Arab bloc leveraged the passage of a UN resolution equating Zionism with racism in 1975. By relentlessly portraying Israel as evil, Arafat revived the heinous stereotype of the malignant Jew to international respectability, eclipsing the effects of the horror of Nazism and proving correct Josef Goebbels’ lesson to Hitler that if you repeat the same lie often enough, people will believe it.

Arafat is responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of Palestinians and 95,000 Lebanese Arabs who were killed by his minions during his twelve-year reign of terror in that country. Nearly 500,000 Lebanese were made homeless in the same period. Arafat is also responsible for ruin and poverty that pervades the West Bank. From 1967-1994, under Israeli rule, the economy of the West Bank Palestinians prospered. GDP grew at an average rate of 13 percent per year, tourism sky-rocketed, seven universities were created, infant mortality plummeted, life expectancy increased, and the well-being of the Palestinian Arabs improved substantially by World Bank measures. At one point almost 300,000 Palestinians were working in the Israeli economy, with earnings well above their counterparts in neighboring Arab states. Spurred by this prosperity, the Arab population of the West Bank and Gaza Strip soared from about 950,000 in 1967 to over 3,000,000 in 1994…..

Did I see the name Joseph Goebbels? I must have because I put in the link. Anyway, Abbas is the progeny, as is the whole of the current PLO Arab society. I suggest you read the whole piece. If you read about Israel, you can find plenty of articles like this, IBM Israel’s R&D labs justify their huge prestige. Or like this, Focusing on Israel’s contribution to the world:

“Let’s just list the facts. Eighty percent of biotechnology in the entire world comes from Israel. The entire world. I’m talking about technologies that will revolutionize the world. One such account was a biotechnology company that will soon be approved by the FDA to perform operations that remove tumors without even penetrating the skin. Most new laptop computers are powered by the new mobile Centrino processor, a technology developed in Israel. A 3D face-recognition technology recently developed in Israel (to combat terrorism) is so sophisticated it can distinguish between identical twins.”

If you can find anything like this coming out of any Arab/Muslim country, please send it to me. Really, please amaze me.


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