Great post a Powerline today, Speaking of Special Interests:
[Over the din of beating tom-toms, surrounded by activists wearing antlers and dressed as polar and grizzly bears, Senator Clinton yesterday dismissed high gas prices and the destruction wrought by Hurricane Katrina as a “diversion,” cautioning that proponents of arctic drilling were exploiting recent crises to make their case for a long-term anti-environment agenda.
Mrs. Clinton told those opposed to drilling to be “absolutely firm in our opposition” to drawing petroleum from Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
Some might say, ‘Well, senator, we have gas prices going up – don’t we need to drill in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge?'” Mrs. Clinton said. “And of course the answer is that we do not. The answer is that that is a diversion. The answer is that we need to break our addiction to foreign oil.”
Which is, obviously, a non sequitur. Breaking our addiction to foreign oil is one of the reasons commonly advanced in support of ANWR drilling, inasmuch as Alaska is part of the United States.”
Mrs. Clinton continued:

“Here’s what I think,” Mrs. Clinton said. “It makes no sense to respond to a disaster in the gulf by making a disaster in Alaska.”
Another non sequitur. How about saying, instead: “It makes sense to respond to a disaster in the gulf by getting oil from Alaska, so that future disasters in the gulf will have less impact on oil supplies and prices.” ]

So as gas prices continue to rise, OPEC increases it’s prices, hurricanes affect oil production, your pols continue to kowtow to environmental interest groups. As I say, the environmental interest groups don’t give a damn about you, your family, your community, your state, your country or anything else. So, when are you going to get mad as hell?malcog


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