I wonder where these thing start, IN KATRINA’S WAKE, Do blacks believe levee was blown? Like Louis Farakan is a reliable source of information. We have the 9/11 moonbats who think either the Israelis or the US govt caused the horror in Manhattan. Of course, you need to consider the source. But, as I have previously discussed with regard to Mohammed Al-Dura and Jenin, Heir Goebbels has paved the way for many to follow his path. All you need to start with is the believers. Those who hate for whatever reason. Blacks who hate the US and white people, the legions who hate Israel……. They then carry the water, so to speak. The lies and hatred spreads……….. Then reasonable people come under their influence, and so it goes. I remember the big Superbowl bru ha ha, when it was reported that a study found there is a substantial increase in wife abuse, during the Super Bowl, which turned out to be a lie. When this came out, I can remember listening to a local talk show with host Peter Boyles, and it was truly amazing. Boyles bought it, the listeners who called in bought it. Now you could say that this at least seems plausible, whereas the 9/11 conspiracy and blowing up the levee believers don’t. It makes no difference. Every lie has a hint of plausibilty, and once it gets into the media who report it, then it becomes more plausible. As I have quoted Mark Twain, “a lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on it’s shoes”. Lies travel very quickly.


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